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Jamitech energy solutions ltd.

Our Mission is to provide uninterrupted electric power to every Nigerian through clean renewable energy.

light solutions

Automated Solar Street light solutions, traffic light solutions and security light solutions.

Home & Office

Alternative solar power solutions to Homes, office, Institutions, churches, mosques, banks, hospitals etc.

Sales & Installation

Sales of Solar PV equipment, all types of Inverter batteries, Inverter systems and accessories.


Mini grid/off -grid Solar electrification solutions

Service & Maintenance

Service & Maintenance of Solar systems and Inverter backup systems.

why solar?

Uninterrupted Power Supply

Solar provides uninterrupted power supply.

Maintenance Free

Solar power does not require maintenance, thereby, cutting down your expense.

Free & Unlimited Energy Source

Solar energy serves as an important source of renewable energy. Solar energy conversion into usable electricity is one of the most extra-ordinary of all technologies.


Solar is environment friendly, as a result CO2 emissions are reduced, which contributes less to global warming.

Electricity Bill Reduction

By going in for solar power, you will cut your cost of electricity at home or office.

spearheading clean renewable energy excellence

Let the SUN work for us...