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About Us

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Our story

JamiTech Energy Solutions Limited is a Nigerian Energy company Specialized in Clean Renewable Energy – Particularly Backup Systems, Solar and Inverters, security and surveillance system solutions.

Our Vision is to always be the best Energy Company by providing exceptional service and spearheading clean renewable energy excellence.

Our Mission is to provide uninterrupted electric power to every Nigerian through clean renewable energy.

Electricity has become a major problem for homes and various businesses in Nigeria.

As we continue to desire uninterrupted power supply, there is need to look beyond the conventional gas power plant and generators.

There is need to look into alternative source of energy especially clean renewable energy to power our homes, offices, hospital, street lights and many more.

With our skill, knowledge, zeal and expertise.

We have positioned ourselves as the ideal solution for all residential and commercial development projects.


Information technology must be reliable and available 24 hours a day, seven (7) days a week. Only solar systems and back-up systems can provide such reliability for IT Infrastructure, ATMs, and telecoms. This increases the reach of the bank to more customers in rural, semi-urban areas, Urban as well as schools and universities.

water supply

Solar powered water pumping is an economical and reliable method of water supply in rural and urban areas for people and for agriculture. Supply from the power utility company is still unreliable and does not reach most rural areas. Advantages include – reliability, economical, (no fuel costs or maintenance), good value, fully automatic.

hospitals & Clinics

There is a demand for reliable and cost-effective electricity supplies to service remote medical and health care applications. Solar photovoltaic power is ideally suited to these applications because it is highly reliable, has low recurrent costs, has inexhaustible supply of free fuel and very low maintenance requirements.

offices & homes

We design and install suitable solar and backup systems for homes, offices, shops.


We are capable of providing a large or small community with solar installations, such as; Solar powered boreholes, Solar powered street lights and solar powered community halls.

academic institutions

We design and install suitable solar and backup systems for schools in both urban and rural areas.


Solar powered lighting provides cheap and reliable electricity for streets and compounds. Provision of street lights and area lights will provide much needed security and reduce road accidents. There is now a worldwide acceptance of PV (Solar) – based systems as the most cost effective long term rural electrification technology. The Federal Government has also made a policy decision to use street lights on Nigerian highways.